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Do you feel out of control? Overwhelmed? Are you so stressed you can not sleep or are you so sleep deprived your stressed? Do you crave that mouth watering warm glaze Krispy Kreme doughnut? OR maybe that Super Duper sized soda? That my friends is what we call stress eating or putting “salve” on our stress through pounding down the bad foods that taste oh so good! Right?

Well I am here to offer some hope! In my latest video I uploaded here from a Periscope  show I did, I will give you some better understanding as to  why we crave the crappie foods we do. I also talk about how stress effects the hormones cortisol and ghrelin that regulate our hunger and sated states. 

I give you a formula to figure out how much sleep you need every night that is unique to you! Yes! Everyone needs different amounts of sleep to feel rested and recharged.

You will get a great understanding of how we have a reward center that drives us our whole life just trying to “feel good” through dopamine release. You observe brain scans comparing cocaine and sugars effect on the brain proving just how addictive and how much it lights up our brain when we use these chemicals.

Finally, I close with 5 things I recommend you implement into your moments of stress when you feel tempted to not only have one cookie, but the whole baker’s dozen. You can’t just eat one right?



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