1-wk-detox-ericOkay! So maybe you are not ready to jump in for a whole 8 weeks! This whole PFC every 3 hours, blood sugar stabilization, eat like a baby thing is new or weird…I get it! I was there once too! That is why I created this “baby” offer. I wanted to allow you to sample the plan and experience the uhMAZING results for yourself. I am persuaded that if you follow this 7 day plan as laid out, you WILL get results! (results WILL vary per person) Many of my clients experience increased energy, 7-10 lbs of weigh loss and less cravings. Overall most report they just LOVE how great they feel!

When you Cut out certain inflammatory foods you feel better. Eat more clean foods you feed your body with the nutrition it needs to function optimally. Finally when you flush out the toxins and excess water from your system you look and feel awesome! Don’t take my word for it…try it for yourself in 3 simple steps, just cut the foods that bloat you, add clean foods and supplements to cleanse, and flush the toxins with good old H2O (water).

Looking forward to hearing about how incredible the results you were able to achieve!