The Body Confidence Plan, is ideal for those who want to lose their last 10-20 pounds, increase lean muscle or take their results to the next level by unlocking your bodies FULL potential!

  • Your “blue print” for success includes your customized nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplement and Portion Control is the New Healthy! Measure IT & Manage ITwater parameters.
  •  Track your weight, body fat and progress with your own progress tracker
  • Custom meal plans with endless meal choices based on your personal goals and food likes, you’ll never be bored! Our extensive food database and “meal builder” gives you the ability to quickly exchange food items within a meal and create new meals. The software does all the work for you; no need to count calories or do math!
  • Our recipe database includes easy, inspired, deliciously balanced recipes perfect for singles and families.
  • Exercise plan to learn how to maximize your workout for faster, better results with a fat-blasting cardio exercise plan, correct exercise techniques plus sample exercise routines based on your specific goals.
  • Your automated shopping list can be printed or simply use Venice Nutrition Mobile for easy shopping and planning on the go.

Plus support from our team in a private Facebook group! This 3 Step System will unlock your bodies full potential! Join Now!


Body Confidence Plan  $60